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Service Specifications

Pest Control Service Specifications

  • Computerised Site map for each site. Each bait point can be easily located and areas at higher risk of infestation are highlighted. We are the only company providing our technicians with a copy of all site maps on their PDAs, insuring service continuity.
  • Clear & Concise contracts and documentation. Service Specifications with schedules of routine inspections, pests and areas covered, Safety Data sheets, number of routine inspections per annum, etc.
  • All Service Reports reports are typed and printed on site including photographs, or emailed automatically upon completion of works. Pest Reports are also safely archived on our cloud servers. Visual checks of sewer manholes, and building outer walls for defects are also carried out.
  • Control of Property Keys. When we are using access keys: All keys / fobs / zappers are rigorously stored and signed for by our staff. A key coded label is used for extra safety.
  • Full Pest Control Service history available instantly. This document can be emailed immediately with the site map to replace lost reports or preparation for last minute management meetings, etc.
  • Extensive procedures and management system to ensure Pest Control Service consistency
  • Yearly review of every pest control programme to maximise efficiency and costs
  • Fast 24/7 emergency response in all North Dublin and South Dublin areas
  • Company Health & Safety policy
  • Our highly qualified and licensed technicians maintain impeccably smart uniform and clean pest control vehicle
  • Waste management / recycling and environmental policy in place
  • Health & Safety Pest Control Risk Assessments for every site
  • Satellite Tracking – Monitoring our Service. Vehicle tracking data reports available. Used in conjunction with the standard paperwork used during a callout or scheduled visit it can be used as proof of attendance.
  • Specialist wall cavity/voids treatments
  • Feral cat advice and fox control
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