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Local Pest Control Solutions for Restaurants Sector

Expert Cost-Effective Pest Management for the Catering Sector - Fully Licensed, HACCP Compliance -  Dublin & Leinster - Owl Pest Control

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Rats, Mice, Flies, Cockroaches, Ants... Dublin is an old city and restaurants have high requirements when it comes to cleanliness and pest control. Preventing pest sightings or pest contamination with associated disease risks is the key to a good reputation and the success of catering businesses.

In Ireland, there are specific pest control legislative requirements to operate a business that handle, store, prepare or distribute foodstuffs, including HACCP.

Owl’s professional pest management protects hundreds of food handling businesses from pest problems in Dublin and Leinster. During regular routine inspections, your licensed service technician will check control bait points, seek for any pest activity, pinpoint possible risks of infestation and will give you recommendations in order to prevent future pest issues.

All our reports are typed and printed on site with illustrative pictures, so they can be filled for EHO inspections.

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Should a pest problem occur, our fast emergency response will ensure that a specialist technician attends to rapidly. He will deal with the pest problem and take measures to prevent reoccurrence.

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