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Lesser Housefly
Lesser Housefly close up
Lesser Housefly close up

Lesser Houseflies (fannia-canicularis)


Adult Body length about 5-6mm long. Slender. Yellow spots can be noticed on the abdomen. The aduld colour is blackish-gray with 3 distinct black dorsal longitudinal thoracic stripes. Also the fourth longitudinal wing vein is straight (unlike the Housefly).


The Lesser Housefly is normally seen in rooms performing a characteristic flight pattern. It flies in a straight line for about 20-30 cm when it abruptly turns and then continues in a straight line again until the next turn. This species favours resting on vertical surfaces e.g. cords and chains. They will also bask in large numbers on surfaces exposed to the sun.


The lesser housefly ability to spread diseases amongst humans seems to be less than that of the Common House Fly, although this may be more due to its more restricted contact with humans rather than any innate reason. Generally the habits of the lesser housefly rarely bring it into contact with human food and therefore it is not considered to be such an important vector of diseases.


  • Finding the breeding site is always crucial but is more difficult with this species. It may be some distance away from the problem site.
  • Larvae feed on the decaying vegetation or manure in which they were laid.
  • Pupation takes place in the drier areas of the breeding site.
  • Organic material should not be left where it might attract flies.
  • Remove trash regularly and use well-sealing garbage receptacles.
  • Use Fly screens on doors and windows to prevent lesser housefly entry.

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