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1) New legislation: mandatory pest control licence

The EU Biocide Directive has brought a lot of changes for Pest Control Companies in 2018, all driven by increased restrictions on the use of Professional rodenticides (i.e. rat and mice poison).

In effect, from 01/01/2018 all pest control operators or other individuals buying or using professional rodenticides must hold a valid licence or “PMU number”. This legal requirement is clearly indicated on the new rodenticide product labels, as illustrated below on the first paragraph of the new Vertox Oktablock II rodenticide label:

Not for sale to the general public or any person other than trained professionals. Trained professional users must register with DAFM as a “Trained Professional – Pest Management Professional” (PMU) and must present their PMU No. at point of sale to purchase this product for use only as specified on the label.

2) Requirements to obtain a licence (or "PMU" number)

The only qualification accepted by the DAFM (Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine) is an Ofqual Level 3 course in pest management. Currently the Lantra “Level 3 Award in Pest Management Services – Trained Professional User” is the only course available. It is a 5-day course divided onto 3 modules and 3 examinations, including a practical assessment and multiple choice exam.

Topics covered include:

  • Biology and Control of Invertebrate Pests
  • Biology and Control of Rodent Pests
  • Biology and Control of other Vertebrate Pests
  • Practical Skills for the Management of Invertebrate and Vertebrate Pests

Once the qualification is obtained, trainees can apply to the DAFM for a PMU number, and then purchase biocides and work without restriction.

3) Book training/examination for the pest control licence (PMU)

Owl Pest Control has been facilitating independent training for the “Lantra Level 3 Award in Pest Management Services” course, by providing FREE training rooms at our office, in small groups of 10-15 trainees. Three courses have been run in 2018: July, September, and November. In 2019: January, August, November. 2020: January, March…

Note: The course can only be run if we have enough candidates to break-even (min. 6-8 participants)

We are posting all courses coming up in our News section. If you are a course provider, please contact us so we can add details of your courses.

2020 “Lantra Level 3 Award in Pest Management Services” courses: CLICK HERE


4) Can a trainee work without pest control licence?

The DAFM can give a Temporary PMU number to new entrants to the pest control industry for a period of up to 9 months. This is in order to allow time for “on the job” training and completion of the Lantra course. There are a number of rules / restrictions with the temporary PMU number:

  • The trainee must work under direct supervision of a licensed trainer (PMU for 2+ years) for a period of 2 weeks
  • A training plan must be submitted to the DAFM, including training records and proof of registration to an upcoming Lantra Level 3 course
  • The trainee can only carry out repeat visits and cannot conduct site assessments until registered as a full PMU
  • The trainee must observe a PMU carry out method/technique applications of biocidal products and then carry out a minimum of 4 treatments himself under direct supervision in order to carry out repeat visits on his/her own

For full details on rules and record keeping requirements click here:


Apply for a Temporary PMU Number here.

5) Got my Lantra Certificate: How to apply for a pest control licence?

After Pest Control trainees pass their exams and receives a Certificate from Lantra, they can finally register and apply for a PMU Number with the DAFM Pesticide Registration and Control Division (PRCD). The application is made by filling out a form online.

Apply for a full PMU Number here.

6) Keeping your PMU: mandatory Continuous Professional Development scheme (CPD)

As for many other industries, in order to keep your licence you must partake in a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) or “Continuous Professional Education” (CPE) pest control scheme recognised by the DAFM. There are three recognised Pest Control CPD schemes in Ireland at present:

BASIS PROMPT is the most established scheme (Est. 1978) with over 4,000 members between UK and Ireland. It has the benefits of a wide range of CPD materials (exhibitions, online and classroom training, magazines, forums, etc.) and several full-time staff members to run it.

For more information about BASIS PROMPT, how to register and get CPD points click here:

Enquire/Register with BASIS Prompt pest control CPD Scheme

7) Check the current Pest Control Licence Register

The DAFM Pesticide Registration and Control Division (PRCD) maintains a register of all Trainee PMUs and fully Registered PMUs. The licensed Pest Controllers lists are updated and published every few months directly on the DAFM website.

To check the current PMU registers Click Here.

8) Upcoming Pest Control CPD - CPE training courses (Rep. Ireland)

We are be posting all Pest Control CPD-CPE courses coming up in our News section. If you are a course provider, please contact us so we can add details of your courses.

2020 CPD Training courses: CLICK HERE

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