Rat & Mice Bait Stations

Rodent Bait Stations

Outdoor Tamperproof Mice and Rat Boxes

Tamper-proof Bait Stations are the best way to prevent accidental ingestion of rat and mice poison by non target animals. Rodenticide is also sheltered from the elements and will keep fresh longer. We provide the best value professional tamper resistant bait stations in Compact size Plastic PVC, and Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel for long term, professional rodent control.

  1. Compact PLASTIC Rat & Mice Bait Boxes
  2. Tamper-proof METAL Rodent Bait Stations
  3. How to secure Rodent Bait Boxes to Walls and Ground
  4. Buy Rat and Mice Poison

Both our models are suitable for use indoors and outdoors in Industrial and Commercial Premises, Homes, farms, Stables, Poultry, Piggeries, Bird Breeding, Restaurants, Schools, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Food Factories, etc.

1) Compact PVC Rat & Mice Bait Stations

Our Compact PVC Bait Stations are ideal for use in areas with limited space or under low shelving or pallets (height less than 10cm). The value of this station is excellent for a lockable rat-size bait box.

Each box is also supplied with its own key and a rear back plate to secure the bait station against a solid surface such as a wall or garden shed and prevent it being knocked or removed.

Compact Bait Station features:

  • Double lock for security
  • Large removable bait tray for loose baits and a metal rod for block baits
  • Size: W230 x D190 x H95mm
  • 1x key supplied with each bait box
  • 1x Clip-in wall mounting bracket provided with each bait box
  • Sturdy, made to last


  • 1x Bait Station + 1 Key: €7.00 +VAT
  • 3x Bait Stations + 3 Keys: €18.90 +VAT (10% off)
  • 6x Bait Stations + 6 Keys: €35.70 +VAT (15% off)
  • 10x Bait Stations + 10 Keys: €56.00 +VAT (20% off)
  • 20x Bait Stations + 20 Keys: €98.00 +VAT (30% off)
Plastic rodent bait station
Plastic rodent bait station with wall bracket and key
Select Compact PVC Bait Stations Quantity:

2) HEAVY DUTY Galvanised Mice & Rat Bait Stations

“METABOX – The heavy duty metal rodent bait box at PVC price!”

Are you looking for the best professional bait stations available in Ireland? We manufacture tamperproof rodent bait boxes with a cost-effective design, very sturdy and durable. We also recently added a quarter turn metal lock for safety and considerably reduce the time spent for inspections.

Owl’s patented bait stations are the most popular and trusted models in Ireland, designed by professional pest controllers for the pest control industry. Large quantity manufacturing allows availability of these products at the best prices.

Metabox Eco + Rat & Mice Outdoor Bait Station Features

  • Strong 1.2mm galvanised rodent bait station construction (1.8Kg)
  • Quick quarter turn lid release system using triangle key
  • Stainless Steel rod and 2 bait spikes to secure bait inside the bait station
  • Wide opening for easy rodent access and cleaning of bait box
  • Multiple base cushions and fitting holes
  • Easy anchoring to walls or ground
  • Pivoting removable lid for easy access to rat & Mice bait
  • Compact efficient size: approx. W260 x D155 x H(back)125 x H(front)57 mm
  • Registered European Community Design: 002468595-0001


  • 1x Bait Station + 1 Key: €24.15 +VAT
  • 10x Bait Stations + 2 Keys: €217.35 +VAT (10% off)
  • 1x Key Only: €1.65 +VAT
Spring Tarp in Steel rodent bait station

Professional rat spring trap (e.g. Kness, T-Rex, Advance, Tomcat, etc.) can also be fitted in our metal rodent bait stations as an alternative to rodenticides – this is ideal for restricted rodenticide use or sensitive areas.


Select Metal Bait Station Unpainted Quantity:


Vertox 25-Rodex 25


Need Suitable Rodenticide for your rat & mice bait boxes? Click the button below.

Professional insecticides and rodenticides are for qualified pest control trade only. We are unable to supply members of the public with restricted rodenticides & insecticides. Training Diploma, Trade Association membership, etc. must be provided.

Powdercoated rodent bait Station.

Custom Colours

Our rat & mice bait stations can also be powder-painted to suit your specific requirements. Minimum order 500 and approx. €2.00+VAT extra per station depending on colour. Please ask for quotation.

Masonry Tool-Hammer-Nail

Fixing Tools & Nails

  • Masonry Nail Tool (for use with our 22mm nails): €37.55+VAT23%.
  • Masonry Nails 22mm (x100): €12.50+VAT23%.
  • Lump Hammer 1Kg Fiberglass: €6.00+VAT23%.

How to anchor rodent bait stations fast and cheap

This video explains how to anchor our rodent bait stations in tarmac, concrete, and brick mortar without using expensive impact drills or powder nail guns.

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  • Are your Bait-stations WATERPROOF?
    What is the DIAMETER of the entrance hole of the Rat Stations.

    • Hi Peter, yes they are relatively weatherproof.
      The 2 side apertures can let some rain get into the entry/exit but rodents don’t mind. The bait is normally kept dry unless there are very heavy storms + winds.
      Diameter of entrances: PVC rodent box = 57mm and Metal rodent box = 50mm

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