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Bird Deterrents - Professional Bird Spikes & Repellent Gel Sales
What Products can be purchased to Deter Birds Away?

Do you need to get rid of birds landing on your building? There are several products available to repel unwanted birds from buildings and monuments without harming them:

  • Bird Spikes – A very efficient way to deter pigeons and seagulls without harming them. When applying, be aware that birds will only be detered from the treated ledges and may move to other nearby ledges.
  • Bird Nets – A discreet net is erected to close bird access to an area.
  • Visual Bird Scarers – Such as large predator eyes balloon.
  • Acoustic Bird Scarers – Bird distress sounds are produced to keep birds away from an area.
  • Other Physical Bird Deterents – These are designed to make the birds feel uncomfortable in specific areas such as ledges, pipes, lamps, cctv cameras. They include Bird Spikes, Bird Spiders, Bird Wires, Bird Spring Coils.
  • Optical Gel Bird Repellents – These are gels designed to scare birds using a visual deterent.
  • Contact Gel Repellents – These are gels designed to make the birds uncomfortable on contact.
Bird control net
Bird spikes on a window ledge
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