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PMU Registration

Keep your PMU contact details up to date. PMU Number is assigned to an individual not a company; please make sure your phone number and email address are current to receive relevant information. Contact with any updates to contact information on the PRS.

Deadline for registration with Ofqual Level 2 qualification

After the 1st July 2018, only applicants with an Ofqual Level 3 qualification in pest management can register to receive a PMU No.

If you have a Level 2 Ofqual or equivalent qualification, applications must be submitted by the 30th June 2018. Failure to submit a complete application by the 30th June will result in rejection of the application and a requirement to complete an Ofqual Level 3 qualification to receive your PMU No.

DAFM called each person with incomplete applications to providing information on the final CRRU WA course organised before the July deadline to allow them register.

Continuous Professional Education (CPE) requirements for 2018

All PMUs must sign up to a CPE scheme and complete the required number of credits for that scheme each calendar year. CPE is a mandatory requirement for PMUs to maintain their listing on the register as a Pest Management Trained Professional User. CPE points for 2018 must be submitted to DAFM in 2019. Currently, there are two approved CPE providers:

Note: CPE is exempted in the year of qualification. PMUs that have completed Ofqual Level 2 or 3 qualifications in 2018 are exempt from CPE in 2018 only. These PMUs must satisfy CPE requirements from 2019 onwards. Exempt Training courses in 2018 include:

  • IPCA diploma in Pest Management, RSPH level 2 Award in Pest Management
    or equivalent course
  • Lantra level 3 Award in Pest Management, or equivalent
  • Rodent Pest Management – Trained Professional (own use only)

How to register courses for CPE points.

All PMUs should carefully read the documentation for their CPE Scheme. Each scheme identifies the number of points awarded for different activities. If a company is holding in-house training or a
meeting etc. that qualifies for CPE, they should apply for CPE points prior to holding the event. Training providers, trade associations and others holding educational events should register the event in advance to allow attendees receive CPE points. Details on how to apply for points is found in the links below:

Level 3 Award in Pest Management – Trained Professional User

The new Irish specific training course Level 3 Award in Pest Management – Trained Professional User is now available. The first course was held in May 2018. Details of the course providers can be found on the Lantra website:

PLEASE NOTE – It is important that employers work with new trainee PMUs to prepare them for this course. Employers should be covering the theory behind the practical elements of the work to help prepare the new trainees for the exam. This course is of a higher standard and the trainees as part of their mentoring programme will need to prepare in advance of taking the course by reading up on the topics and speaking with colleagues.

Trained Professional Users (PMU) Register

The Register of Pest Management – Trained Professional Users (PMU) is available on the DAFM website, it is updated periodically. Please check: The registered pest control technicians on this list are approved to purchase and use biocidal products as a trained professional user in accordance with the instructions specified on the product labels.

For more information please visit the DAFM website: