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    Pest Control for Warehousing (Food Distribution)

    Rats, Mice, Flies, Birds, Cockroaches, Ants… Warehousing and Food Distribution businesses are vulnerable to pest infestations: constant traffic in and out, deliveries, waste areas mean that flying and crawling pests can intrude at any time.

    Irish legislation also makes provisions for pest control requirements in premises where food is handled, stored, or prepared.

    Maintaining a consistent Pest Control programme is essential to minimize your risk for pest problems. With each service visit, your licensed Service Technician will:

    • Inspect your convenience store for pest activity
    • Make sanitation recommendations to minimise the risks of infestation
    • Identify building proofing issues that may encourage pest ingress
    • Provide a comprehensive report detailing his findings.

    Specialising in providing pest management programmes for food storage environments in Dublin and Leinster, our pest control operator will check the facility perimeter, racking and cold storage areas for pest activity. An inspection will also determine potential pest access points and housekeeping conditions which may induce pest activity.

    All reports are typed with photographs and printed on-site. Please check the full range of services offered to the Food sector by clicking the button below:

    For more information on how to get rid of a pest issue or prevent pests, contact us to schedule a free survey and detailed pest control quotation. We cover Dublin and Leinster areas.

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