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Pest Control for Residential Property Management

Pest prevention is an essential part of managing large facilities such as apartment blocks, houses and residential units. If rats, mice, birds, flies, cockroaches, ants, and other pests occur in a contained area and remain unnoticed, it can rapidly multiply and spread throughout the building/area. This can have serious consequences in terms of:

  • Public health
  • Nuisance & fear factor
  • Impact on the building occupancy rate
  • Damage to reputation
  • Increased costs to regain pest-free conditions

Since 1998 Owl Pest Control has specialised in the Property & Facility Management market and is proud to have become the largest provider of Pest Control Services for this sector in Dublin and Leinster, with over 100 Property Management clients and hundreds of monitored apartment blocks.

Why are we trusted by Property Managers?

Most of the time Residential Facility managers are not on-site and rather communicates through emails and phone queries. Reactivity in dealing with pest related issues and the ability to report from the site immediately by email in details with illustration photographs is paramount:

Service Reports printed/emailed directly on-site incl. photographs

Our procedures and reporting system are geared to offer Residential Property Managers a one-stop Service with complete peace of mind. All Service Reports are typed and printed on-site including photographs, or emailed automatically upon completion of works by our highly qualified and licensed technicians.

Pest Reports are also safely archived on our cloud servers.

Service Specifications for Residential Property Management

  • Perimeter control points around buildings to create a barrier to pest entry (Toxic / Non-Toxic options)
  • Each bait point/box calendar sticker is manually dated at each visit. We are the only Company offering this. Board of Management and Property Managers can check that each bait station is opened, cleaned, and bait refreshed at every routine inspection.
  • Computerised Site map for each site. Each bait point can be easily located and areas at higher risk of infestation are highlighted. All our technicians have a copy of every single site map on their devices, ensuring service continuity.
  • Clear & Concise contracts and documentation. Service Specifications with schedules of routine inspections, pests and areas covered, Safety Data sheets, number of routine inspections per annum, etc.
  • All Service Reports reports are typed and printed on site including photographs, or emailed automatically upon completion of works. Pest Reports are also safely archived on our cloud servers. Visual checks of sewer manholes, and building outer walls for defects are also carried out for the property manager’s peace of mind.
  • When carrying out emergency call-outs in private areas (apartments), we provide a report for the tenant/owner and a separate report for the property manager, highlighting potential issues in the common areas which may need to be addressed. This second report is never shared with the tenants.
  • Control of Property Keys. When we are using access keys: All keys / fobs / zappers are rigorously stored and signed for by our staff. A key coded label is used for extra safety.
  • Full Pest Control Service history available instantly. This document can be emailed immediately with the site map to replace lost reports or preparation for last minute management meetings, etc.
  • Extensive procedures and management system to ensure Pest Control Service consistency
  • Yearly review of every pest control programme to maximise efficiency and costs
  • Fast 24/7 emergency response in all North Dublin and South Dublin areas
  • Company Health & Safety policy
  • Our highly qualified and licensed technicians maintain impeccably smart uniform and clean pest control vehicle
  • Waste management / recycling and environmental policy in place
  • Health & Safety Pest Control Risk Assessments for every site
  • Satellite Tracking – Monitoring our Service. Vehicle tracking data reports available. Used in conjunction with the standard paperwork used during a callout or scheduled visit it can be used as proof of attendance.
  • Specialist wall cavity/voids treatments
  • Feral cat advice and fox control
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Pests in Properties? Ask a Pest Control Specialist:

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    Handling Pest Infestations in Apartment Blocks & Residential Lettings

    If a resident reports pest sightings in the common areas of a development, the Property Manager should obtain as much information as possible at the time of the phone call:

    1. Type of pest and how many were seen?
    2. The exact location where pests were noticed?
    3. How often pests have been seen? Over how long a period? (days, weeks, months?)
    4. Would the resident agree to be contacted by the Pest Control representative if necessary?

    This information is important to ensure the Pest Control technician’s work is more effective, especially when the pests are not there at the time of the inspection. The next step is to check if the pest involved is covered under the maintenance contract with the Pest Control contractor. If this is the case, the contractor may provide a “free” emergency callout to deal with the issue.
    If no contract is in place or if the pest involved is not part of the current contract, there is usually a cost involved for the treatment of this particular infestation. The Property Manager should make sure beforehand he/she knows the Pest Control contractor’s call out charge, and that the Property has a budget ready for this cost.

    The main issues reported in the common areas of apartment blocks in Dublin by order of importance are as follows:

    1. Rodents (rats & mice)
    2. Silverfish
    3. Ants
    4. Wasp nests
    5. Birds
    6. Feral cats

    With all potential pest problems, early intervention is the key. Ignoring sightings and reports will only result in allowing an infestation to grow to larger proportions. This will necessitate more treatments and therefore increase costs to regain control.

    Getting Rid of Rodents in Common Areas of Property Developments

    Types of Rodents

    The two types of rodents infesting apartment complexes in Dublin are:

    • The House Mouse (Mus Domesticus) – 5cm to 7cm in length
    • The Norway Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) – Grey, Brown or Black – 25cm to 31 cm in length

    Rats and mice breed quickly so it is important not to let them get established on the property. Mice or rat sightings in car parks, bushes or bin sheds are quite frequent. This does not necessarily mean that there is a burrow or a nest on the Property. Scavenging rodents may just be attracted to food or water at the development but they become immediately vectors of diseases once they are established.

    If no preventative Pest Control maintenance contract is in place, this would be the right time to contact a pest control company about a free quotation. One-off treatments may also be considered, bearing in mind that at least 2 callouts will be carried out: a first inspection to evaluate the issue and lay down temporary bait stations, and a follow-up inspection to search for dead rodents, review the results remove the bait stations upon termination.

    Vermin Prevention Steps

    The following are also some simple steps that help to prevent rodent infestations:

    1. Remove all source of food, e.g.:

    • bin bags left on ground
    • wheelie bin lids left open
    • residents feeding dogs, cats, birds, foxes outside.

    2. Minimise harbourage opportunities:

    • Remove junk / rubbish from the property, especially near bin sheds
    • Trim all trees, bushes, shrubs regularly, especially near to the ground and against building walls.

    3. Proof all buildings against rodent access:

    • An inspection of the perimeter of the building will provide necessary elements on proofing issues
    • Bear in mind that mice can fit through gaps of only 6mm

    4. Eliminate water sources such as:

    • leaky taps
    • sweating pipes
    • open drains

    Rats need, and are attracted to, water sources.

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