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How To Get Rid of Clothes Moths & Carpet Moths.

What do Moth infestations look like?

Fabric pests in Ireland are small moths, e.g. the webbing cloth moth or case-bearing cloth moth (or less frequently small beetles such as the carpet beetle). Usually it is the adult pests that are seen first, flying around or gathering around the windows. But this is an indication of the presence of the little maggots which in most cases are feeding from the wool carpets or less commonly clothing.

These maggots accumulate in the quietest and safest areas, along the skirting boards and under furniture. Over time they will literally shave some areas of the carpets to the thread.

Getting Rid of Moths

For small infestations, there are some DIY products that kill or repel moths, such as Moth balls containing naphthalene. Contaminated items can also be treated with heat (e.g. tumble dryer) or cold (e.g. domestic freezer).

Nevertheless, an established moth infestation should be treated by a professional pest controller to prevent risks of re-infestation.

Advice: You should vacuum all identified eggs and larvae. Particular attention should be paid to areas where lint accumulates (corners, baseboards, shelves, etc.). The vacuum cleaner bag should also be disposed of after cleaning. All infested clothing, cloth, blankets and other fabrics should be cleaned or discarded.

Owl Pest Control Technicians have experience and extensive knowledge in dealing with Clothes Moths and other fabric pests from any area around houses, hotels, apartment blocks and offices. For instance:

Moths infestation in carpets and rugs

Carpet Moths in clothes

Clothes Moths in Houses

Moths in apartment block corridors

Contact Owl Pest Control if you need help on how to get rid of clothes moths or to arrange a professional moth treatment.

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