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  • What are Cockroaches?
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What are Cockroaches?

– What to Know About Cockroaches – What do they look like? –

The main pest cockroach specie in Ireland is the German Cockroach, although there are occurrences of Oriental Cockroaches and American Cockroaches.

German cockroaches are small with adults measuring 1.5 cm in length. Adults have 2 dark longitudinal bands on their back near the head. Immature cockroaches, or nymphs, are smaller than adults. The cockroaches are primarily indoor pests. They have strict moisture requirements so they are usually found in kitchen and bathroom areas. Adults live about 6 months, and during this time the female produces from 4 to 8 egg cases (each containing around 30 nymphs).

Cockroaches have become more frequent in recent years due to people travelling abroad and bringing back small nymphs or egg cases in their luggage. German cockroaches are the most prolific pest species and therefore they can rapidly infest an entire complex if no control measure is taken.

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Why Cockroach control is necessary?

Controlling a cockroach infestation is not simply a matter of aesthetics. Large indoor cockroach populations are one of the leading causes of allergies, asthma and other bronchial disorders in humans. Additionally, cockroaches are capable of carrying disease organisms and bacteria on their bodies and in their fecal material.

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Cockroach prevention advice

Long term prevention of cockroach infestation is the best means of ensuring a cockroach free environment. This is more easily accomplished by means of exclusion (preventing cockroach entry) and sanitation (elimination of cockroach resources). Not only will these measures prevent a future infestation, they will also help to reduce an existing cockroach problem.

Cockroach exclusion

  • Cockroaches migrate easily through apartment blocks via plumbing and electrical connections. Sealing gaps around plumbing, wall outlets and switch plates will prevent cockroach migration from infested areas to others parts of the building.
  • Exotic groceries and other packaged food products may have been stored in infested locations before they were purchased. Effort should be made to visually check all grocery items for cockroach evidence before putting them away in presses.

Sanitation measures to reduce cockroach activity

Depriving cockroaches of food resources

German cockroaches can survive for approximately 2 weeks with no food or water and for 42 days if only water is available. Therefore, it is important to note that cockroaches can survive on tiny amounts of food such as crumbs, grease or food residue.

  • Indoor bin containers should be emptied frequently, kept clean both inside and out. Kitchen bins should have well sealed lids. Plastic bin bags can be kept closed with twist ties and should be removed from the dwelling immediately and placed in outdoor wheelie bins. This will prevent cockroach infestation spreading to the garbage area.
  • Frequent emptying of sink strainers and running of clean water will prevent food build up in the sink drain.
  • Washing dishes immediately after a meal will prevent cockroaches from consuming food residue on dishes.
  • Kitchen appliances should be kept clean and free of food particles and grease. Additionally, the areas underneath and behind these appliances should be kept grease and crumb free.
  • If pets are present, dry food should be kept in sealed containers. Food and water should not be left out all the time.
  • Feed pets at particular times and clean up after every meal.
  • All foods products should be resealed after opening, stored in plastic snap-lid containers or kept in the refrigerator.
  • Regular sweeping/vacuuming of floors and furniture where people eat (i.e. kitchen table or in the living room in front of T.V.) help to eliminate cockroach food sources.
  • Regular cleaning of food storage areas and shelves not only eliminates spillages or scattered food but disrupts cockroach populations that may be using the area as a harbourage.

Elimination of Moisture Resources

Eliminating sources of moisture will greatly contribute to cockroach control.

  • Tighten loose pipes; repair plumbing leaks and replace used washers in the kitchen sink and bathroom areas.
  • Water left in the sink or bathtub after dish washing or bathing also provides moisture for cockroaches. These sources are eliminated by drying out sinks and bathtubs after use.
  • Condensation on pipes (under the sink or in wall voids) can also be a problem. Insulate these pipes if possible.
  • Pet drink dishes and aquariums are also sources of moisture. Empty pet water dishes at night when cockroaches are foraging but the pet is indoors or asleep. Aquariums should have tight fitting lids or screens to prevent cockroach entry.
  • Be careful not to over-water indoor plants, because excess water is available to cockroaches.
  • Glasses, cups and soda cans containing water or liquid residue are common sources of moisture for cockroaches. Be sure not to leave these containers in bedrooms, sinks, on counter tops or other areas. Rinse and invert cups and glasses to dry immediately after use and dispose of soda cans in trash containers.

Elimination of Harbourage Resources

The third critical element for cockroach survival is harbourage. By nature, cockroaches avoid open, well lit areas with frequent air movement. They prefer dark, warm cracks and crevices. Excess clutter provides numerous locations suitable for cockroach habitation. The elimination of these harbourages (clutter) is important in controlling infestations.

  • Adult cockroaches can fit into cracks only 1.6 mm wide (about 1/16 of an inch). Any small gap or hole that leads to a void is a prime cockroach harbouring area. Cracks and crevices of this kind should be sealed (e.g. using caulk available in any hardware shop).
  • Removing clutter (boxes, bags, clothing, toys, food, books, papers etc.) eliminates cockroach harbourages and breeding areas. It is essential to keep all areas of the home, especially the kitchen and bathroom, uncluttered and free of useless debris.

Cockroach Control - How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Some insecticides purchased in hardware shops may be used to help reducing the extent of an infestation. Nevertheless only restricted professional products used by highly qualified operators will achieve a complete eradication.

Over the counter remedies can be limited in effectiveness when dealing with cockroaches. Even when adult cockroaches are killed, remaining egg cases may hatch and result in further infestation as illustrated in the picture.

Another issue is when cockroaches travel up and down a building, for instance from an apartment to the next. It is essential to identify the source of the infestation in order to achieve complete eradication of the cockroach infestation.

Owl Pest Control Technicians have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with Cockroaches from any area around apartments, hotels, commercial kitchens, restaurants, houses, offices, hospitals, e.g.:

  • Cockroaches in kitchen areas
  • Roaches around sinks and behind presses
  • Dishwasher and appliances – microwave, oven, toasters, and behind fridges
  • Cockroaches hiding in cracks, skirting boards, bathroom and hot press
  • Cockroach infestation in Service ducts, behind plasterboard, walls and ceilings of houses and apartments

Call Owl Pest Control Dublin for treatments and further advice on how to get rid of cockroaches.

German Cockroach Nymphs

The cockroach nymphs leave the egg case after the mother died on a glue board

German Cockroach Nymph

German cockroach infestation

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