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What are the Benefits of Electronic Live Pest Monitoring?


The use of electronic systems for monitoring pest activity is becoming very popular in Europe, and especially following greater restrictions on the use of rodenticides by government bodies. Live Remote pest alert systems offer the following advantages:

Advantages of The Wedge™ system from Traptec

  • The Wedge™ is the newest and lowest cost equipment system on the market
  • No power is drawn from the batteries when the system is idle: no need to change the batteries for 5+ years
  • The Wedge™ installation is simple with no programming – can be done in a few minutes
  • Efficient radio frequency, giving approx. 50 metres range in all directions from the Base Station, and removing the need for repeater devices
  • One Base Station can provide an area of protection up to 7,500 Sq Meters
  • Base Stations can be networked together to provide protection for larger buildings
  • The Wedge™ can be used inside Mice and Rat bait stations
  • The Pull-Plate Wedge™ can be used for monitoring wildlife cages outdoors – less stress for captured animals

Professionals: Technical Video on How to Setup the Wedge™

How to setup The Wedge™ Live rat & mice monitoring from Traptec