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A mouse trap can be an effective way to get rid of mice, with the added advantage of killing and keeping the mouse at the trap. This avoids the bad odours caused by mice dying under floors or in wall cavities for example.

Mice are very inquisitive and are easily caught in mouse traps if the trigger is sensitive and the release is fast. Our Snap-E mouse traps are the preferred professional choice.

Unlike mice poison which requires several days for the poison to take effect, mice spring traps provide an immediate control of live mice.


Mouse Spring Trap features:

TIPS: We recommend using chocolate or peanut butter as bait for mice snap traps. For faster control use as many traps as possible set in different locations where mice are present.

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If you want to secure your snap traps out of sight and reach from pets and children, you can use our lockable trap box kits. The body of the mouse is retained within the box so the killing remains very discreet.

snap trap discreet mice box

You can inspect the trap wihtout opening the box by simply looking through the viewing slots. If the trap is set you will notice the yellow bar through the apertures:

snap trap discreet mice box aperture

5 Mice Spring Traps + 5 Boxes + 1 Key kit: €24.50 +VAT