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Insect Trap Monitors & Detectors

Insect monitors are an essential tool for professional Pest Controllers, Environmental Health Officers and other auditors. They can:

  • detect the presence of insect pests for identification
  • determine the exact location of the source of an infestation, and
  • control minor infestations or residual insect activity after insecticide treatments.

We stock various types of insect detectors.

1) Insect Monitor for General Use - Pheromone Traps  - Eraditrap

Insect Monitor eradi trap

Eraditrap glue pad monitors are prebaited with food flavours as attractant for pest insects.

  • General crawling pest insect attractant, e.g.: Silverfish, Cockroaches, Bedbugs, beetles, etc..
  • Cost-effective
  • 3 part pre-baited insect monitor
  • Can be used undivided as a 1 single large trap or separated along perforated lines into 3 smaller traps.

Eraditraps are supplied in packs of 10 x 3 = 30 traps: €8.20  +VAT.

2) Cockroach Traps - Attractant Monitors

Hoy hoy Trap-A-Roach

monitor cockroach trap a roach hoy hoy

Hoy hoy Trap-A-Roach is the most trusted professional cockroach monitor trap available on the market. It is used in Ireland by both professional Pest Controllers and Environmental Health Officers during inspections of food premises. These traps can be used to:

  1. Control a small cockroach infestation
  2. Detect the presence of suspected cockroaches
  3. Ensure that no live cockroaches remain after an insecticide treatment

Japanese made since 1973, this trap uses the most attractive ingredients to catch cockroaches. Is safe, entirely made of non-hazardous natural ingredients, so there is no risk of injestion by non-targets such as pets or children.

It is attractive to all species of cockroaches, including the main ones in Ireland: German Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches, American Cockroaches.

monitor cockroach trap a roach hoy hoy 1

  • Convenient compact design with climbing pads and covers for dust.
  • Can be easily placed under fridge, sink, presses or counter tops.
  • Suitable for homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, bakeries, boats, cars, factories and other places.
  • Each cockroach trap is effective for up to 4 weeks or until it fills up.

Trap-A-Roach Hoyhoy traps. Box of 5 traps: €8.55  +VAT. 

Cockroach Monitor - Trappit CR Corner RTU

Insect Monitor Trappit CR Corner rtu Cockroach Trap      german-cockroach-nymphs


  • Cost-effective solution for ongoing or volume monitoring of cockroaches
  • Effective against all types of cockroaches
  • Triangular design - sit at floor/wall junction of rooms or work surfaces where cockroaches crawl
  • Pheromone attractant is already contained within the glue (non-hazardous food-mimic attractant)
  • Once opened the traps remain attractive for approximately 6 weeks

Trappit Corner Monitors. Pack of 10x3 = 30 traps: €13.36  +VAT.

3) Bedbug Monitors

Trappit Bed Bug Detector

Bed Bug Monitor Trappit BB DetectorCost-effective and easy to use bedbug monitoring device. For use as a continuous monitoring solution or for confirming eradication after a treatment.

These traps should be placed for a week in the bedroom, on the floor near to the skirting boards and under the bed headboard. It is also recommended to replace the traps every 4 weeks when in service.

Trappit Bed Bug Detector. Pack of 10x2 = 20 traps: €15.98  +VAT.

thumb pest control free literature download Trappit Bed Bug Detector Data and instructions

Bedbug Slider

Bedbug Slider monitor detector Bedbug Slider monitor detector 2


The Bedbug Slider is designed to identify the first signs of an infestation. Bedbugs are attracted to the textured base of the Slider, which can be placed between the matress and matress base. The clear window allows for easy inspection of the trapping glue.

The Slider can also be placed under sofa cushions and other upholstered furniture, in cars, inside luggage, under floor mats, around lockers and along baseboards.

Bedbug Slider. Per Unit: €3.20  +VAT.

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