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Owl Pest Control Dublin Office

Unit 19, Tallaght Business Centre, Whitestown Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland. D24 TD42

Tel: +353 (01) 452 36 80
Mail: info@owlpestcontrol.ie
Open: Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm

Ask a Pest Control Expert:

    Owl Pest Control Dublin offers professional pest control services to homes and businesses in Dublin, Wicklow, Meath and Kildare.

    We identify and get rid of all types of pests including mice, rats, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, wasps and most other pests that you don’t want to share your business or home with.

    If you notice a pest problem and need a team of experts to help eliminate it, contact Owl Pest Control Dublin today on (01) 452-3680 or Contact us Online

    Owl Pest Control Dublin Reviews

    From the moment my management company put me in touch with Owl Services, I felt like I was in good hands. A time that suited both myself and the technician (Paul) was easily arranged, and when he attended, he was prompt, efficient and able to put my mind at ease/answer all of my questions. 10/10 recommend.
    Laura Young
    Laura Young
    17:26 24 Nov 20
    Excellent product with quick delivery
    Philip McGroary
    Philip McGroary
    17:40 30 Oct 20
    Owl pest control were amazing for a rodent issue we had. From the outset we felt confident that they knew what they were doing. A truly professional experience.Special thanks to Brad and Stephen for their hard work and reassurance!
    Conor Briody
    Conor Briody
    09:09 22 Oct 20
    The were really helpful your man Bradley was real nice and all the mice are gone now!
    MURNN m.
    MURNN m.
    10:16 13 Oct 20
    Professional and down to earth. Very helpful when I had an issue with dust mites on our home.
    David Whelan Enterprises
    David Whelan Enterprises
    15:08 30 Sep 20
    I found the service excellent.Brad from Owl pest control was brilliant he spoke to me in depth about the situation and gave me excellent advice going forward on how to managed the problem.He throughly removed all evidence of rodents and treated the area with a pesticide.After feeling dread for months not knowing what we had or what was left behind, i now feel assured and comfortable in my own home again. Highly recommend this company for efficiency/cost effective/customer service.
    Mairead Hughes
    Mairead Hughes
    12:40 18 Sep 20
    I had a initial query regarding stock availability so I emailed a couple of questions late night and I received a phone call at start of their business day with clear answers. As they were only a 20 drive away and they had a link with directions, I was able to drive there and collect my purchase on the same day. Very efficient and helpful team.
    Maureen Simpson
    Maureen Simpson
    14:29 12 Sep 20
    Great work, poor dude got stung a few times but nest is gone.I hate wasps
    Glenn Byrne
    Glenn Byrne
    11:48 01 Sep 20
    Very helpful company provided great advice and professional service
    Stephen Peers
    Stephen Peers
    16:02 23 Aug 20
    Owl Pest Control are a first class company with excellent professional staff that do an outstanding job I would highly recommend this company. Thank You to Bradley and all the staff for a first class service.
    Gerry Cully
    Gerry Cully
    17:59 10 Aug 20
    Excellent serviceBradley sorted our wasp nest issue promptly& efficiently. Lovely chap to deal with.Nothing an issue ,Would highly recommend this company .
    Jane O Shea
    Jane O Shea
    13:31 04 Aug 20
    Really efficient and speedy removal of wasps nest. Highly recommended.
    Michael Moriarty
    Michael Moriarty
    14:36 17 Jul 20
    Thank you for such a great service. You have been wonderful to deal with and the guys who called out were great. Very professional and excellent communication.
    Sarah Connor
    Sarah Connor
    17:13 14 Jul 20
    Very professional approach and response. Arranged 'call out' appointment. Next day call-out representative was prompt, professional and got down straight to the removal of the wasp's nest. Brilliant
    Raja Maitra
    Raja Maitra
    15:45 09 Jul 20
    Was given an instant quote and booking during first and only phone call. Would recommend. Very professional and arrived on time.
    Laura Dalton
    Laura Dalton
    16:25 27 Jun 20
    Great professional services serious ant infestation excellent response and treatment highly recommend owl pest control
    Siobhan Murray
    Siobhan Murray
    19:26 17 Jun 20
    Very friendly staff
    Drain WorX Dublin
    Drain WorX Dublin
    18:15 16 Jun 20
    Came across Owl Pest Control on the internet after discovering a very unwelcome guest - a rat, sunbathing in my back garden during lockdown! Not a sight one ever likes to see! In a panic I rang Owl Pest Control for advice and bought a number of products. The company were truly fab, responding in a courteous manner at all times via both phone and email. Their products are delivered in a very prompt manner via courier service.As an individual I'm obsessed with excellent customer service and have to say Owl Pest Control get my seal of approval. One of the traps I purchased went faulty...through no fault of theirs and they immediately replaced it with no hassle and even threw in a second.Don't hesitate in contacting them or buying their products online. Thanks Owl Pest Control!!
    Lydia Bartels
    Lydia Bartels
    12:16 04 Jun 20
    We had a very large wasp nest in our shed, and I am delighted we went with Owl Pest Control. It was a pleasure to deal with them as they were quick, efficient and responsive. The nest was removed and the remaining activity ceased within a few hours. I would highly recommend their service to anybody with pest issues!
    Thomas McFeeney Izart
    Thomas McFeeney Izart
    11:22 04 Jun 20
    Great advise and quick service to solve our rodents problems!
    José Ramón Serna
    José Ramón Serna
    13:56 22 May 20
    Very good explain everything deffo recommend
    Ann Mc Cabe
    Ann Mc Cabe
    15:25 06 May 20
    Just to say thanks for a very speedy response.......They responded so quickly.....All that I dealt with... Very pleasant.Aileen
    Aileen Benson
    Aileen Benson
    14:24 11 Apr 20
    Great place. Currently doing a course there and they are very professional. I'd highly recommend them to anyone.
    Glyn Evans
    Glyn Evans
    20:48 28 Jan 20
    First class service and advice.best around.
    ecfcffxagvp kedghmjth
    ecfcffxagvp kedghmjth
    17:36 22 Dec 19
    Can’t recommend this company enough, an absolute pleasure to do business with, super friendly and very efficient in every thing they do, Can’t thank Chris & Aileen enough.
    William Brophy
    William Brophy
    23:04 23 Nov 19
    Very professional know their business strongly recommend
    Boris Hrofman
    Boris Hrofman
    18:02 19 Nov 19
    Excellent company to deal with.Would recommend 100%(Terenure college)
    richard hand
    richard hand
    19:31 16 Nov 19
    Great at what they do. Had them to the house a number of times over last 3/4 years. Always on time, always really nice people to deal with and always do a great job and understand our situation - we are not fans of mice, at all. If only all service companies were this good. Ciaran and team come highly recommend.
    Stephen O'Reilly
    Stephen O'Reilly
    22:12 30 Oct 19
    A little hard to find..excellant staff good advice.
    raymond O'Brien
    raymond O'Brien
    07:29 15 Aug 19
    Professional service
    Steven Walters
    Steven Walters
    14:36 05 Jul 19
    You can buy the Ratflap here it's the best rat prevention tool ever and made in Ireland
    Dec Melia
    Dec Melia
    13:23 27 Jun 19
    I have been using owl pest control for the past 8 months. From the moment I walked in to the building I had 100pc confidence in their ability. What was amazing was the amount of time they spent with me ensuring that I only purchase the right product. Excellent advise from all the lads with thorough explanations about everything. While you hope to never have to visit these type of shops and services I would really recommend that if you do these guys are the best in town. The products that they supply are excellent in quality and value. Thanks again to all in Owl pest control
    Stephen M
    Stephen M
    08:03 22 Jun 19
    Excellent costumer service!!! A1
    Luis Obregon
    Luis Obregon
    08:52 06 Jun 19
    From the first phone call, to standing at the counter, they are ultra friendly and helpful. Great products and sound advice on the sea gull spikes. We dealt with Andrew. Highly recommended.
    master digger
    master digger
    16:08 05 Jun 19

    Frequently Asked Questions about Pests in Dublin

    Mice search for access to buildings for shelter and food. They can chew through food boxes in presses and more seriously gnaw on water pipes or wires, which can lead to fire hazards. They also carry illnesses and bacteria such as hantavirus and salmonella.

    Do I have mice or rats?

    Solutions can be different depending if you have rats or mice infesting your business or home. Mouse droppings look like black grains of rice. Rat droppings are much bigger and wider. Mice are much smaller than rats, with tails longer than their body (unlike rats), and have rounder, smaller ears.

    Getting rid of mice using DIY Solutions:

    • Remove food sources from your home or business to reduce mice attraction.
    • Buy some mouse traps or mice poison rodenticide
    • Seal cracks and gaps in walls, under doors and pipes to prevent access to mice

    Limitations with DIY mice control:

    • DIY cannot guarantee complete mice removal.
    • Traps and other products must be used correctly to be effective.
    • DIY mice control solutions may take longer to work and since mice reproduce very rapidly, your business or home may end up with a bigger problem than you started with.

    Getting professional help to get rid mice:

    There are several advantages to use a professional to control a mice problem.

    • Peace of mind: Relying on an experienced specialist takes the worry away as the mice infestation will be dealt with quickly – this may not be the case when using DIY mice products.
    • Safety: When dealing mice infestations safety is the main concern. Because mice are disease carriers, you may not want to handle them. Our professional technicians are used to safely remove mice while keeping your pets and family safe.
    • Efficiency: It may not be easy to choose the best mice control option from different DIY products available. If you are not completely sure you could have lost some precious time while the mice problem expends. On another hand a trained specialist will immediately operate the best control plan to remove mice without hesitating.

    Act Now:

    If you need help contact Owl Pest Control now to get rid of a mice problem in your home or business and take away the worries. Dial (01) 452 36 80 to speak to one of our pest control professionals or Contact Us Online

    Home pest control

    Having pests in your home can be very distressing. Pests can also damage your residence and cause health risks to children, adults and pets.

    For over 20 years we have helped thousands of families across Dublin with home pest control issues such as mice, rats, silverfish, ants, cockroaches, moths and others. We have also protected gardens and homes from rat, mice or bird access by proofing properties against pests.

    Quotation can be given over the phone for most of these services upon request.

    Our aim is not only to help you get rid of pests in your home, but also to investigate building proofing issues and general housekeeping so that these pests don’t return.

    Call Owl Pest Control Dublin on (01) 452 36 80 to discuss your home pest control needs or Contact Us Online

    Pest Control Prices

    The price of a pest control service is a primary concern  for most home and business owners trying to get pests removed from their property. It is not always an easy question to answer as pest control costs may be determined by different factors including:

    • Pest type: some pests require only one treatment (e.g. wasps) and some other several treatments (e.g. mice)
    • Extent of the infestation: if an infestation is serious it will take more time to clear it and costs increase.
    • Treatments chosen: depending on the pest, different treatments / equipments may be needed.
    • Number of treatments: several follow-up treatments may be required for extensive infestations
    • Size of property: a pest service cost will be lower in an apartment than in a warehouse.
    • Residential vs business property: commercial properties such as restaurants or office buildings usually require more inspections, written assessments and more scheduled treatments from our pest professionals. Businesses also need more elaborate and recurring pest treatment programmes for compliance and quality purposes.

    The cost of pest control depends on a variety of factors but our friendly pest specialists can usually give you a free estimate over the phone or arrange a site survey before starting any work.

    We provide excellent value and we will eliminate any rodent problems you might have in your residence or business.

    To request a quotation please call Owl Pest Control Dublin on (01) 452 36 80 to speak to one of our pest control professionnals or Contact Us Online

    Both the tenant and landlord have responsibilities for keeping a property pest-free.

    The landlord is responsible for providing a property that is free of pests and take suitable measures to keep it pest free. This for instance would be the provision of closing bins so that rubbish does not attract rodents. The landlord must also ensure that the structure of the building is in good condition, i.e. without holes that could let rodents in, or cracks that would let water seeping through and encourage insect activity.

    For the landlord pest infestations may result in tenants leaving, bad reputation, a vacant property and higher costs for eradication programmes.

    The tenant is responsible for dealing with pests that have been brought in directly such as bedbugs or fleas, or through doors and windows left open (mice, flies, moths). Casual pest intruders can also multiply rapidly if sanitation and housekeeping standards are poor.

    As soon as a pest problem is noticed, the tenant should report it to the landlord so that it can be dealt with before it gets out of hands.

    Owl Pest Control has decades of experience in providing pest control services for rental properties in Dublin. Call our pest specialists on (01) 452-3680 or Contact us Online.

    Rodent Control Dublin specialists

    Owl Pest Control is an independent and local rodent control and clean-up company in Dublin. We proudly service all of Dublin and surrounding counties, helping residents live in a mice and rat free environment.

    Our services include rodent prevention, rodent control, removal and clean-up. We also carry out rodent cleaning & decontamination, and rat and mice building proofing in Dublin. Our expert and certified staff is ready to help you permanently resolve your rodent issue.

    Pest Control for Businesses in Dublin

    Owl Pest Control has over 20 year of experience in protecting most business sectors from pests in Dublin including property management, warehousing and healthcare.

    Our services help food businesses comply with HACCP, BRC and other standards. We have pest solutions specific to your business:

    Commercial Pest Control

    Pest Prevention and Pest Control Services for every type of Business and Sector

    Select Your Business

    We provide extensive Pest Control Solutions Specific to each Business Sector

    Service by Pest

    Choose your Pest Control service by Pest, including helpful Pest information

    Structural Repairs

    Need structural repairs after pest damage? We provide Pest Proofing & Building Repairs

    Remote Pest Monitoring

    We provide a comprehensive Remote Pest Monitoring service, click for more info

    Specialist Cleaning

    Specialist Pest Cleaning Services, Decontamination, Disinfection, Dead Pests Removal

    Residential & Domestic Pest Control Dublin

    Owl Pest Control has been providing pest control to homes in Dublin since 1998. If you have cockroaches, rodents, silverfish, ants, or any other pest in your home call us today and get a FREE estimate.

    Check our reviews! Our customers value our work and we use the safest and most effective techniques and products in order to protect your home, your family and pets. We also provide routine service for landlords or when you need service performed on a regular basis.

    Get Rid of Rats & Mice

    Find professional advice & treatments to rapidly take rodents away from your business or home

    Get Rid of Ants

    Ants are a nuisance where food is available. Get help and ant treatments to get rid of them quickly.

    Get Rid of Cockroaches

    How to prevent cockroaches in your home and business. Check our expert advice and treatment services

    Home Pest Control

    Domestic Pest Control Services for Rats, Mice, Flying Insects, Crawling Insects. See how we can help.

    Pest Control Products

    Buy DIY pest control products online directly from the professionals. Next day delivery in Ireland

    Select the pest

    Find the most common pests we get rid of and some tips to help you get started

    How we work

    Our pest control service follows a simple four approach in 4 steps: contact, survey/quotation, action plan and subsequent monitoring to ensure your pest issue is dealt with professionally.

    1. Contact

    We will arrange for an expert to advise you

    • Talk to a local pest specialist near you
    • Immediate advice on what to do first
    • Recommendations specific to your pest problem

    2. Quotation

    We will go over your pest issue and organise a survey if needed

    • Inspection at a time convenient to you
    • SafeContractor certified surveyors
    • FREE quote and recommendations

    3. Treatment

    Our DAFM licensed & certified specialists will visit to provide your treatment

    • Pet and children friendly treatments
    • Treatment at a time convenient to you
    • Environmentally sensitive approach

    4. Observation

    We will schedule as many visits as requested to make sure the problem is resolved

    • Advice on proofing & prevention
    • Detailed reports printed on site
    • Monitoring programmes
    Our Expertise

    Find your Pest Control & Elimination Solution

    Need help in finding the Pest Control Solution for your needs? Find out more below by searching by Industry, Pest Control Service or identify your pest, or feel free to contact us!

    Client Testimonials

    See What Our Clients Say About Us

    Our Team

    Qualified & Fully Licensed Pest Control Technicians

    Owl Pest Control Dublin is a member of the NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association), BPCA (British Pest Control Association), & is actively taking part in the development of the Pest Control Industry in Ireland. Our Technical Staff are licensed by the Department of Agriculture & consist of Highly Qualified Pest Control Technicians, Senior technical staff with over 15 years professional experience & qualifications including Postgraduate Degrees; Cork University, RSPH, BPCA, IPCA, Kilgerm & HACCP diploma

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    For all the latest Pest Control industry news, including helpful advice and information for both commercial and residential clients.

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